Welcome to Metis: A leading distributor of innovative, cutting-edge medical devices.


Why Metis?


It’s simple—we have the background, experience, and credentials to expertly handle every phase and aspect of distributing your medical device; from regulations and standards to international commerce, marketing, and sales.


When you partner with Metis, you are entrusting your products to the most professional, capable hands in the industry. Our advantages are twofold. We hold broad business acumen—including sales, and management—facilitates optimal distribution strategies, and profitability. We have in-depth, comprehensive medical credentials and knowledge allow us to manage the clinical aspects of medical device distribution and empower clients like physicians, aestheticians, and clinics to operate at the forefront of their field.


Metis exclusively represents leading global companies and the newest in patented, state-of-the-art medical devices and solutions for medical and paramedical professionals. Our clients include


   Italian manufacture of leading plasma deviceBrera Medical

Agnes Medical leading RF needle for special indications

Shenb World leading RF microneedling device

Epitomyze An American App and device for easy and accurate Before and After documentation

Ri.Mos Special Mesotherapy needles made in Italy.

ATI Novel technology for Vaginal and Pelvic floor measurement

LPG The only technology that actually work on Cellulite

Strimedix English made Cannula


Metis adheres to the strictest quality regulatory standards in accordance with the Israeli Ministry of Health and the Standards Institution of Israel, and in accordance with the requirements of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard: ISO 9001: 2015.