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The Smart Colposcope

EVA COLPO helps you conduct cervical and vulvar digital examinations in a variety of settings.

EVA COLPO is a portable, Internet-connected, and FDA-cleared colposcope that is as simple to use as a mobile phone. EVA combines advanced hardware with integrated software to serve a variety of clinical needs.




A simple interface

EVA’s easy-to-use software enables easy patient data management, image and video capture, annotations, clinical decision-tracking, and easy data export for integration into electronic medical records.

Improved workflow

EVA’s integrated patient data collection, storage, and secure collaboration feature reduces unnecessary paperwork and saves time.

Enhanced clinical services

EVA’s affordability enables cervical examinations with a video colposcope at a fraction of the price of a traditional colposcope.

Real-time or after the examination

Use EVA to LIVE stream your examination to any place around the world or use secure case-sharing features to receive clinical support and quality assurance from experts and peers.

Empowered patient experience

Enhance patient understanding of their health condition, diagnosis, and treatment options through educational image review.