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Compact, easy to handle and with a user friendly interface. Developed to treat delicate areas safely like upper and lower eyelids, where lasers and radio surgical units cannot. Plasmage® sublimates tissues without side effects on the skin. It is the only tool to perform Blefaroplasma® with quick results

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The new tool in dermatology and medical aesthetics.

PLASMAGE® is a medical device for non-invasive micro-surgery.

PLASMAGE® is able to generate the plasma through an electric discharge that starts when the tip is getting close enough to the skin but never touching it.

PLASMAGE® , portable device, is a light portable device, equipped with a wide touch-screen display for the selection of pre-set treatment protocols.

The applicator is composed of a special plastic handpiece and a medical stainless steel electrode specific to various treatment applications.



Regulation of the pulsed operating mode by selecting the desired shooting leve, with four possibilities for increasing the pulses.


Selecting this level activates the continuous operation mode.


The preset therapeutic protocols, the power level and the shooting level are already prefixed, but can be changed by the operator.


Thanks to this wide selection, the operator can adapt the energy to the treatment protocol whilst ensuring a high level of safety and a perfect control of the spot.
The Fractional Plasma®, allows patients to be treated quickly with the advantage of having less down time than surgery as well as being less aggressive than other plasma based devices.