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Silkann is a comprehensive range of twin-packed single use flexible aesthetic cannulas and sharp needles – designed for operational efficiency and with your patient’s comfort in mind.

Single use devices offer:

  • Safety

  • Quality

  • Flexibility

  • Compliance with local laws and directives

  • Cost efficiency

  • Most importantly they reduce the risk of cross contamination and infection associated with reusable products.

  • Serious incidents have been reported relating to the reuse of single-use devices. Reuse is unsafe because of the risk of:

    • Cross-infection resulting from the inability to effectively clean and decontaminate a device due to its design.

    • Endotoxin reaction resulting from excessive bacterial breakdown products which cannot be removed by cleaning.

    • Patient injury caused by the failure of the device following reprocessing. Products that are not designed for multiple-use may not withstand reprocessing adequately as a result of material alteration, embrittlement or fatigue. The lumen of fine tubes may be blocked.

    • Chemical burns or sensitisation as a reaction to the chemicals or decontaminants which may be absorbed by the device during

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AJ 1831A (22g TW x 70mm) 25